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Add PSI Web Reference in Solution file

Add PSI Web Reference in Solution file. You can access project web app using PSI within an environment. PSI code is totally server side code. For Example, some reference as I mentioned below. For Projects http://ServerName/ProjectServerName/_vti_bin/psi/project.asmx?wsdl For Custom Fields http://ServerName/ProjectServerName/_vti_bin/psi/customfields.asmx?wsdl You can create a reference with help of references screen. How to Add a reference in your solution watch […]

Read Custom Field and Lookup Custom field Value using PSI

In this article, you learn to read the simple custom field and lookup type custom field value using PSI.You can read custom field value as DATE_VALUE,TEXT_VALUE, NUM_VALUE, and DUR_VALUE using below the article.PSI references you can follow my post,  Create Project using PSI Programmatically Project Server 2013. And for required namespace and methods, follow my post, Update Lookup […]

Create Timesheet in Project Server 2013

Create Timesheet in Project Server:- In this post, I will explain to you how to Create Timesheet in Project Server.Project web app provides you the functionality to very easily track project’s task information and progress time spent on. You can plan anything like training, project management etc to create timesheet.Create your project schedule and resource […]

Create Custom Approval Center Project Server 2013

Custom Approval Center Approval Center in Project server is the center point where project task of particular resources approve and reject them respective project manager. Below is code for Getting Approval Center Task:- Firstly add projectserverservice web reference. if you don’t know how to create and add projectserverservice.dll in gac and add reference then go to […]