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SharePoint is a web based application that integrates with Microsoft Office

SharePoint list settings 2013

SharePoint list settings 2013 In this article, you will learn about settings available in SharePoint document library & list. List name, description, and navigation: You can provide the specific name and brief description of a list and library.If you want to show this list link in left quick launch then choose Yes else No. Versioning Settings Versioning features of the list help you to see […]

What is SharePoint and it’s Features?

SharePoint and it’s Features What is SharePoint SharePoint? SharePoint is a collaborative server environment , providing tools for sharing data and documents across various organizations to increase the efficiency of business processes.It is a platform where user can create, configure and manage their own collaborative Websites site for personalized access to documents and any other […]

How to Create a SharePoint Web and Site Collection

Create a SharePoint Site Collection in SharePoint Hi, Previously I have explained the installation of SharePoint Server and Project servers. Now in this post, I will describe how to Create a SharePoint Site Collection in SharePoint SharePoint Site Collection,  name implies, the collection of SharePoint Sites. every site collection contains a single top-level site and sub sites. In […]