Create a Project Detail Page in Project Server 2013

Create a Project Detail Page in Project Server 2013:-

Create a Project Detail Page in Project Server 2013. Project Detail Page is used to show the collection of information and use to represent a web part in Microsoft project web app.

Step 1: Go to PWA home page, Click PWA Settings.
Step 2: On the Server Settings page, Click Project Detail Pages, in the section Workflow and Project Detail Pages
Step 3: In the File ribbon tab, Click on New Document
Step 4: Enter New Web Part Page name and Choose a Layout Template

Project Detail Page

Project Detail Page

Step 5: Click on Create.[AdSense-A]
Step 6: A PDP created and open page in Edit mode, Click on Add a web part.

Project Detail Page
Step 7: During create Visual Web Part, In Element.XML file web part property created by name ‘Default’ where Web part will be
<Property Name=”Group” Value=”Custom” />
Step 7: In custom folder select your web part and click on Add.

Project Detail Page
Step 8: Now click Stop Editing


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