Create content type in SharePoint 2013

Create Content Type in SharePoint

In this post, I will describe you how to Create Content Type and site column in SharePoint 2013.Before to create site columns and content type, I will describe you-you about site columns and content type.[AdSense-A]

Site Columns:

A site column is a reusable column template, or definition, that you can assign to multiple lists across multiple SharePoint sites. We will see how we achieve this.You can create a content type without site columns or with site columns.

  • Go to your Site settings and click on site columns in the section of “Web designer Galleries”.Click on create a site column, screenshot will appear below.

Create Site Column


  • I am using “Employee Management” as a group.I created 4 columns Employee Salary, Employee Department, Employee Code.[AdSense-A]

Create Site Column
Once it’s done, let’s know to “create content type in SharePoint”

for the brief follow my previous post  What is site column and how to create

Content Type:

Content Type is the way how to organize the data and persisting it and entire editing experience is a great thing in SharePoint.we will create content Types to manage the content.

Steps to create the content type

Go to your [Site settings] and click on site content types in the section of “Web designer Galleries”.

  • Fill all the required fields. Below is a screenshot.[AdSense-A]

Create content type

  • Fill the fields and create it, you will see the screen below

Create content type

  • Click “Add from existing site columns” hyperlink shown on the page. Select columns and add in the content type.[AdSense-A]

Create content type


Create content type


List Using Content Types:[AdSense-A]

We will create a SharePoint list and the list will attach the above content Type.

  •  Click on Site contents [add an app], to Create a list.

List Template

  • Here we are creating a SharePoint list called Employee Management to store the employee related information.

List Template

Go to [Advanced settings] in [List Settings] option. Choose “Yes” under the  “Allow management of content types” button.List Template

  • Now you click on “Allow from existing site content types”.[AdSense-A]

Content Type

  • Now select the content type and add it which I have created yet.

Content Type


Content Type




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