Create Project Server Service dll Project Server 2013

Create Project Server Service dll Project Server 2013:-

Create Project Server Service dll Project Server 2013.Create project Server Service dll is beatifically to the developer. Because it has all the references to PSI web service. The Project Server Interface (PSI) in Microsoft Project Server 2013 includes service interface for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and ASMX Web service interface. Project Server Service dll is used to access all ASMX Web service interface. Below are some steps to Create Project Server Service dll [AdSense-A]


Step 1: Download cmd file from the link below.

cmd file project server 2010

cmd file project server 2013

Step 2: Edit the file when downloaded.

Create Project Server Service dll

Create Project Server Service dll



Step 3:In above image 1. SharePoint Web Services Port No.


3.PWA Path and server name is your server name

Step 2: Save the file after editing.
Step 3: Go to start button of your computer and open developer command prompt for vs 2012.
Step 4: Right click on this and open as run as administrator.
Step 5: Type command:- cd space ‘your path’ and enter.

Step 6: Now type file name as show in below image and enter.

Step 7: Project server services dll created.

How to add dll in gac in my next post:-

Register dll in GAC




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