Create Site Column Using JSOM in SharePoint Online

Create Site Column Using JSOM in SharePoint Online

In this article, i describe you, To Create Site Column Using JavaScript Object Model(JSOM) in SharePoint or SharePoint Online. I already told you in my previous post, To Create Site Column using CSOM.

In SharePoint, site column is the reusable column which can be used across multiple SharePoint List within a site. A site field can be used in the same site collection or its subsite hierarchy.Below is code to Create Site Column Using JSOM in SharePoint Online.


<input type='button' value='Create Site Column' onclick="SiteColumnCreation();"/>
        function SiteColumnCreation() {

            var ColumnSchm = "<Field DisplayName='CustomColumnName2' Name='CustomColumnName2' Type='Text'/>";

            var Contx = new SP.ClientContext.get_current();

            var fields = Contx.get_web().get_fields().addFieldAsXml(ColumnSchm, false, SP.AddFieldOptions.addFieldCheckDisplayName);




            Contx.executeQueryAsync(CreateSuccess, failure)

        var CreateSuccess = function () {
            alert('Site column has been created successfully !!!');

        var failure = function () {
            alert('Something went wrong while creating site column.');


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