Create Text Type Site Column using CSOM

Create Text Type Site Column using CSOM in SharePoint Programmatically

In this post, I describe you to Create Text Type Site Column using CSOM. Basically, in SharePoint site column it is known as Single Line of Text. Below is code to create a single line of text field. If you want to create Multi Line site column then follow my post. Create multi line Site Column using CSOM[AdSense-A]

public static void CreateTextTypeSiteColumns(string SiteUrls, string Displayname, string Datatype,string InternalName string Descriptipn, string groupName,string ContenttypeName)
                ClientContext clientContext = new ClientContext(SiteUrls);
                Web rootWeb = clientContext.Site.RootWeb;
                rootWeb.Fields.AddFieldAsXml("<Field DisplayName='" + Displayname + "' Description='" + Descriptipn + "' Name='" + InternalName + "' Group='" + groupName + "' Type='Text' />", false, AddFieldOptions.AddFieldInternalNameHint);
            catch (Exception ex)



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