Create Timesheet in Project Server 2013

Create Timesheet in Project Server:-

Create Timesheet in Project Server 2013. In this post, I will explain to you how to Create Timesheet in Project Server.Project web app provides you the functionality to very easily track project’s task information and progress time spent on. You can plan anything like training, project management etc to create timesheet. Create your project schedule and resource assignment of the

project’s task. Project web app (PWA) handle various functionality, Time Management, Cost Management, Resource Management, Security Management and also Project Level Hierarchy.



Steps to Create Timesheet in Project Server:-

  • Open your PWA home page, In left side quick launch click on EDIT LINKS.
  • Check timesheet Checkbox and click to Save & Close.


    • Now Click on Timesheet link, there is no timesheet created.


    • Go to PWA Settings, In the section Time and Task Management click Time Reporting Periods.
    • Time Reporting Periods web page will we open, Fill out the form, Click on Create Bulk and click on Save.


  • Now again click on Timesheet. See here your Time Reporting Periods created.



    • Open your project center and click on the project to create the task.
    • Create the task of the particular project and assign resource on task.
    • If there is no resource on this project then click on Build team in project ribbon tab.
    • if there is no resource then see my previous post how to sink user on pwa.

active directory resource pool synchronization in project server 2013


    • The Select resource you want to assign to the particular project and click on add.


  • Click on resource Plan in the team ribbon tab, Resource plan has been created and clicks on save and close.The page will Redirect to your Schedule page where you were created task of the project.
  • Click on edit in the task ribbon tab, you are able to assign resource on every task.




    • Click on the share to share the site of assigned resources.Invite people to ‘Contribute’ and click on show Option to Select a group or permission level from drop down. Click on save.


  •  Again go to server Setting or PWA Settings, Click on Timesheet Managers in the section Time and Task Management.
  • Click on Add Manager in the manager’s ribbon tab.Add all project manager.



  • Go to Resource center to click on Resources, Edit user and set them Timesheet manager.



  • Now login as different Resource to check his timesheet. Look here time sheet has been created.



  • Here resource can update his actuals and can Tern in the Final timesheet in the Timesheet ribbon tab.



  • Whenever Timesheet Manager will login then in approval center timesheet will appear.He can Approve or Reject, According to status will be updated in Resource Timesheet status.


Create Timesheet Project Server


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