Force Check-in Enterprise Objects Project Server 2013

Force Check-in Enterprise Objects:-

Force Check-in Enterprise Objects can be check-in that is checked out by another user, Ensure that the project is highly commandeered that is you going to force Check-in, Objects: because a project that is modified by another user may result in the loss of those changes.if the enterprise project is highly recommended then use force check-in.
Below is step wise instruction to Force Check-in EnObjects:-

Step 1: Open Project Web App home page, click PWA Settings.
Step 2: On the Server Settings page, click Force Check-in Enterprise Objects, in the Queue and Database Administration[AdSense-A]
Step 3: From the Select the type of object you want to force check-in drop-down list, select Enterprise Projects.
Step 4: Select the projects that you want to check in.Click Check In.

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