Get Delay Task Data in Project Server 2013

Get Delay Task:-

Project delay task in project server are those task which have start date less than current date. There are two way to get Resource Name with Group Name first is using Project server Interface and second is Sql query. Here i am getting Resource Name with Group Name by sql query:-

Select distinct Project.ProjectName, Task.TaskName, Task.TaskBaseline0FinishDate, Task.TaskActualFinishDate,
Task.TaskPercentCompleted, Task.TaskUID, Task.TaskOutlineNumber, Task.TaskIsSummary
from [diag].[pub_MSP_ASSIGNMENTS] as Assign
INNER JOIN [MSP_EpmResource_UserView] as Res ON Res.ResourceUID = Assign.RES_UID
INNER JOIN [MSP_EpmTask_UserView] as Task ON Task.TaskUID = Assign.TASK_UID
INNER JOIN [MSP_EpmProject_UserView] as Project ON Project.ProjectUID = Assign.PROJ_UID
where getdate()> Task.TaskBaseline0StartDate


Here is Output:

delay task


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