Introduction and difference between SharePoint List and Library

SharePoint List and Library

Introduction and difference between SharePoint List and Library. A SharePoint List is a collection of information that can be shared with site users and team members.When you will create a site, there are some default list, Announcement, contact, links, Surveys, Issue Tracking, Discussion boards, Calendar etc. Lst can be customized, Increase column add content type etc. We can create a new list with multiple list template that is already available in SharePoint site.

Lists have multiple features such as version history tracking, item-level or list-level permission, workflows, external data sources, multiple content-types and many more features. All the features depend on the version of your SharePoint that is installed on your machine.

SharePoint Library:

SharePoint library similar as the list with some extra features and each item refers to a document.It provides the central secure place where multiple users can work easily.A document library can be accessed from any device like if you have your project related document in document library and document.When a site created a default document library created.

Difference between document library and List:

  • List Can have attachments but library Cannot have attachments (files are directly in the library).
  •  List Do not have Check-in/Check-out features but library Have Check-in/Check-Out.
  •  List Have major versions(Published) only library Have both minor (draft) and major (published) versioning.
  •  The list has multiple attachments in an item but document library has a single document in an item.
  • List are web based editable table have the ability to work with structured data and document library is a collection of files.
  • The SharePoint list has stored some data that you can put it into a spreadsheet but document library store documents.
  •  in the list when a user searches a keyword in a document, and the document is available in list item then the result will be as list item but in the document, library result will be as a document.

Type of Lists


announcements list is used to share status and news and to provide reminders. it supports enhanced formatting with formatted text, hyperlinks, and images.


contacts list use to store data about people or groups. If you are using a contact management program or email that is compatible with SharePoint technologies, you can update and view your contacts from your site in the other program. Let’s take an example, a list of all your organization’s suppliers can be updated from an email program that is compatible with SharePoint technologies, such as Outlook.

Discussion boards

the discussion board is used to provide a central place to store and record team discussions, similar to the format of newsgroups. Let’s assume that lists on your site to receive email messages is enabled by an administrator, discussion boards are capable to store email discussions from most common email programs.


links list is used as a central location for links to your company’s intranet, and other resources.


calendar list is used for all of your for specific situations or team’s events, such as company holidays. A calendar provides you the visual views of your team events, similar to a desk or wall calendar, social events, including meetings, and all-day events.


the task list is used to track projects information and other to-do events of the group. You can assign tasks to resources, also can track the status and task percentage completion.

Issue Tracking

issue-tracking lists to store the information of specific issues and track their status. You can categorize issue and assign them and can relate issues to each other.


Survey list is used to collect and compile feedback, such as an employee quiz or satisfaction survey. You can design your quiz questions and answers in several different-different ways and see the complete overview of your feedback.


Custom list template is used to start a list from scratch. You can create the custom list that will be based on the spreadsheet. You can import excel sheet data into SharePoint List.

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