Making the query report in SAP B1

Making the query report in sap b1:-

Making the query report in SAP B1. In this post, I will explain to you how to Making the query report in sap b1. Below are steps to Making the query report in sap b1.

Step1: this navigation- Open the query generator window in this navigation.

Tools->Query Manager->Query Generator.

step2: window or-Once query generator window opened we can press on execute button for directly go to the query window or can select tables and the fields from this window also for making the query.

Query Report-1


Step3: When we will press on the Execute button then we will come to the query preview window where you can write a query and see the resultset below on the same window.

Query Report-2


Step4: I have made a query with one parameter in the query preview as:


Query Report-3

in this screenshot, I have expanded the space where we write the query.

Step5: Now we need to save after pressing the save button as:

Query Report-4


Step6: When we will press on the save button query save window will open.In this window, we have to give the name of the query and need to define the category as:

Query Report-5

Query Report-6



Step7: I have saved the query with the Test name as above. it will add into the defined category as:

Query Report-7



Step8:O once we have saved it we can open it after pressing on the Test in the General Menu and when we will press on the Test it will ask for the parameter as we have defined into the query.


Query Report-8



Step9: When  enter the warehouse code after selecting from the CFL and press Ok then it will open the SAP report with  data as:

Query Report-9


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