SharePoint Display Connected SharePoint List Data in Display Form

SharePoint Display Connected SharePoint List Data in Display Form. In the previous article, I explained how to connect a Students list app part where Branches was one of the metadata with a Branch list app part. The result lets users click on a Branch to see all Students from that Branch.

In this article below, I use the same two lists but I will create a new kind of connection. I will enhance the display form of the Branches list, so that all Students from that Branch in the Students list are shown when you open a Branch list item.

Enhance a list item display form to show data from another list

Before I start editing the form I will open the Site Settings and selects Yes to “Open forms in a dialog” under Advanced settings. This is not necessary for the connection to work, but I prefer to see the display form data in a dialog instead of in a new window.

  • Go to site content and open branch list.
  • Click on ‘Form Web Parts’=>’Default Display Form’ and it will open in edit mode.
  • Click on the link ‘Add a Web Part’ and select the Students list web part. Click on Add.


  • The Customers list web part gets added to the top. drag it below or Edit web part and change the Zone Index 0 to 1 in the layout section.
  • Open the accordion in the top right corner of the Branches list app part and select Connections.
  • Select ‘Provide Row To’.
  • In the pop-up dialog, select ‘Get Filter Values From’.
  • Click on Configure.
  • Connect the Branch field in the Provider to the Branch Name field in the Consumer.
  • Click on Finish and Stop Editing.
  • Click on any Branch Name like IT, CS, etc. As in below screen, I clicked on CS Branch and Popup will show the filtered data of CS branch.

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