SharePoint Online Choice Filter Web Part

SharePoint Online Choice Filter Web Part. In this article, I use Students list where Branch is one of the metadata. I add it in a web part on a page where I also add a Choice Filter web part.

In the Choice Filter web part, I can add the same Branch alternatives as in the Students list. Therefore, when I connect the two web parts users can select a Branch in one web part and see all Students in that Branch displayed in the other web part.

  • Create Branches and Students List.

  • Click on the site settings icon and click on ‘Add a page’.

  • Give the desired page name and click on Create. The new page opens in Edit mode.
  • Click on Insert ribbon and add Student List on page
  • Click on Insert ribbon tab and insert Choice Filter web part

  • Select Choice filter web part and click on web part property and type Each Choice as I have choice IT, CS, EC and click ok

  • Again edit web part and click on Connection=>Send Filter Values To=>Students
  • Click on Students and a pop up will be open and in dropdown select Get filter values from and click configure.

  • In connection settings, Select consumer field Name select Branch Name and click finish button.

  • Now save the page and click on filter web part and select any branch

  • In below screen is your output

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