What is SharePoint and it’s Features?

SharePoint and it’s Features

What is SharePoint SharePoint?

SharePoint is a collaborative server environment , providing tools for sharing data and documents across various organizations to increase the efficiency of business processes.It is a platform where user can create, configure and manage their own collaborative Websites site for personalized access to documents and any other information

1.It allow to users can create their own password protected space for document shearing.

2.SharePoint provide special services through which multiple user can access a document simultaneously.

3.SharePoint has Capability to build and deploy custom solutions that integrate line-of business data with SharePoint and Office.


Feature of SharePoint:-

Social Computing:

Enable advanced collaboration within the SharePoint environment. Supports wikis, blogs, forums,meetings through community portals.

Web Content Management:

File sharing,Check in, Checkout,Versioning,MS office integration,Document ID,Document set, Records declaration,Retention & Disposal Policies.

SharePoint Search:

Enterprise search on documents, metadata, items. search indexing for faster results. search scope for external content lookup.

Business Intelligence:


Manage your organizational goal & performance through the business intelligence feature of SharePoint including excel services, visio services, Dashboard etc.

Identity Management:

Authentication enhancement supporting claim based server to server aap based authentication mechanism.

Mobile Computing:

SharePoint support optimized viewing experience across mobile platform.

Site Branding:

Custom design of site pages through customization of HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

SharePoint Hierarchy

Server Farm=>Web Application=>Site Collections=>Sites=>Lists, Library..etc

In next tutorial, I will explain you about each hierarchy level.

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